Power Outages - Planning and Support

Here are some resources and tips to help prepare for power outages and disasters, for both humans and pets. Register for power outage alerts here. Duke Energy also has a power outage map.

Register in Durham for emergency alerts here

Ready NC is the state government group responding to power outages.

Information from the Red Cross here

Emergency Kit: The resources above offer information on making your own home emergency kit to always have on hand so you are ready for a surprise emergency. Most of us can keep:

    • water (wash out some large drink containers to reuse as water storage)

    • blankets

    • food in cans and boxes and packets that you can eat without heating

    • manual can opener

    • light sources (including battery powered flashlight and lantern)

Recommendation: Luminaid https://luminaid.com/

    • extra batteries

    • extra cash (should include small bills)

    • important phone numbers

    • extra medication

    • copies of identification/insurance/prescriptions in a waterproof container

For winter outages: Create a warming room. Choose a room with the fewest outside walls, insulate with towels and sheets, and block off from other parts of your home. Or set up a tent! The City may designate public buildings as warming areas.

Reminder: Make sure you use all power generators, camp stoves, and charcoal grills outdoors and away from windows.

For pets: Help protect pets by spreading the word about disaster preparedness. Download, print, and share ASPA’s disaster prep checklist.

For the neighborhood: If you have a storm warning, clean out storm drains to reduce flooding issues. Or better yet, commit to adopting one!

You will find that our neighbors offer many resources to share and lend—another great part of living in TLNA! Some with gas stoves/ hot water heater/logs, a working fireplace, or a generator invite folks to take refuge in their home. Others provide activities for children, supplies, and help with restoration and clean-up. Please share more planning tips on our listserv.