Listserv Terms of Use

TLNA, its Board, and the administrators of its listserv firmly support freedom of speech. The listserv is intended to be an open forum for exchanging information and news, and for discussing issues of interest to the neighborhood and its residents. However, to ensure that participating in the listserv remains a positive and beneficial experience for everyone, certain types of postings will not be permitted:

  • spam, phishing, and other misuse of e-mail;

  • posts containing offensive language or obscenity;

  • personal invective directed at another user or resident;

  • partisan politics / electioneering;

  • excessive business advertising.

Unacceptable posts will be removed at the discretion of the listserv administrators. Users who violate these restrictions will be warned and, if necessary, permanently banned from the listserv. The Board reserves the right to modify these terms of use at any time. Please send inquiries concerning this policy to