Neighborhood Coffee-Buying Group

Residents of Tuscaloosa-Lakewood are invited to join the neighborhood’s San Ramón Coffee-Buying Group. The coffee is grown on a farm in San Ramón, Nicaragua that was brought back to life by Sister Communities of San Ramón (SCSRN), a non-profit founded in Durham in 1993. All proceeds from the monthly coffee sales support the work of SCSRN, which provides funds to rural communities to build schools and school kitchens, and which supports two libraries, a center for handicapped children, and other projects. The workers who cultivated and harvested this coffee were well paid, receiving retirement bene- fits and an annual bonus equal to a month's salary. The coffee was grown at 4,000 feet under the forest canopy, in an area that provides habitat for migratory and tropical birds, sloths, and the endangered howler monkey. Counter Culture Coffee in Durham roasts and bags the coffee for SCSRN for no charge. 

Placing an order
By the 3rd Monday of each month, neighbors can place a coffee order with TLNA resident Frances Kerr by e-mail. She picks up all the coffee orders on the third Friday at around 5 p.m. and distributes them to each person’s house. The price is $15 per one-pound bag, sales tax included. The choices are Breakfast or French Roast, whole bean or ground. Decaf is also available (a Counter Culture blend from different regions that varies monthly) at $15 for a 12-ounce bag, whole or ground. Contact Frances Kerr for details.